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LFP Project

LFP Scoping Study

  • Scoping Study confirms the technical and commercial potential of an LFP Plant to be based in Darwin, Australia
  • Modular plant design enables flexibility to scale and fund the project in stages
  • Economics of the project have been considered at two scales of production:
    • One-train plant, 10,000tpa
    • Three-train plant, 30,000tpa
  • Design and flowsheet based on our technology partner, Aleees’ operating plant in Taiwan, derisking the project
  • Standalone project, with optionality to later use phosphate rock from our 100% owned Tier-1 Wonarah deposit
  • Exposure to Lithium prices. Cost plus margin pricing structure provides positive exposure Lithium prices, the largest cost component of LFP CAM 
  • Alignment With Offtake Partners. Australian sourced and produced LFP cathode product provides a commercially viable alternative to Chinese supply 
  • Trialed and Proven Process Design utilising Aleees’ proprietary technology and flow sheet, based on Taiwanese operating plant significantly derisking the project 
  • Strong Government Support from the Northern Territory State Government, with discussions and continuing to progress

Avenira's Cost and Logistical Advantages

Geographic proximity to the under-supplied raw materials required to produce LFP, enables Avenira to have significant cost and logistical advantages relative to other LFP producers

  • Australia supplies approximately 50% of the world’s Lithium, the largest raw material cost component of LFP. Regional proximity and access to the worlds predominant Lithium producers will facilitate significant transport cost benefits and supply-chain security
  • Global supply disruptions in Phosphate markets have driven the price of Phosphate rock to record highs². The Wonarah Project is one of the largest high-grade Phosphate rock deposits in Australia, and can potentially³ provide a secure supply of feedstock to a TPA plant (Avenira owned or 3rd party), in turn supplying the LFP Plant
  • LFP battery production capacity and intellectual property resides almost exclusively in China (>99% of global LFP). Avenira has partnered with Aleees, for the intellectual property rights to produce LFP in Australia.
  • Electric vehicle manufacturers are diversifying their supply chains into non – Chinese jurisdictions, with potential premiums for non-Chinese cathode providers
  • In July 2022, the US Inflation Reduction Act was passed, which contained tax credits and incentives to reduce demand for Chinese battery imports, benefitting US trading partners 

Source: BBC, “How Australia became the world’s greatest Lithium supplier” dated 11 November 2022

Source: UTS, “Hidden casualty of Russia’s war, global phosphorous security dated 9 June 2022

Avenira intends to initially develop the LFP Plant as a standalone project, with feedstock (including TPA) secured from third party providers and further work is required to determine whether there is a reasonable basis for AEV to expect it can extract commercially sufficient high grade phosphorous from the Wonarah project for the LFP plant.

Results: Lithium Upside, Scalability

The economics of the LFP Project has been considered at two scenarios, a one-train plant with capacity of 10,000tpa and a three-train plant with capacity of 30,000tpa, under both spot and forecast Lithium prices

Our Partnership with Aleees

Aleees is only one of three companies outside China with complete LFP cathode manufacturing capabilities, and patents for electric vehicle and stationary storage batteries

  • Signed MOU with Aleees providing technology and operational and marketing support. 
  • Aleees is a pioneer in the battery cathode market, with more than 120 exclusive patents worldwide on various types of products 
  • Our plant will emulate the process configuration, flowsheet and operations manual of Aleees’ LFP plant operating in Taiwan, significantly derisking the development and on-going operations of the LFP Project 
  • The LFP plant intends’ to be the third Aleees technology plant and fourth in total after Aleees (Taiwan), FRYER (Norway) and ICL (USA). Being the fourth plant significantly reduces our technical and execution risk.
  • The selected Aleees Licensed LFP Product is currently sold into electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage (ES) markets to 40 globally recognised name brand customers across Europe, U.S., Japan and Korea

LFP Project Process Flow Sheet

Avenira’s LFP Plant intends to adopt the patented LFP CAM synthesis process developed by its technology partner, Aleees. The following simplified block flow diagram illustrates the stages of the manufacturing process: