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What is LFP?

Emergence of LFP Batteries

LFP is rapidly growing as the battery chemistry of choice for electric vehicles and stationary storage 

Market Shift in Preferred Chemistries

Superior cost structure, safety characteristics and an improving driving range are the key factors propelling the markets rapid adoption of LFP, displacing other battery chemistries

Price Ranges: Cathodes Mid-Dec 2022 to Mid-Jan 2023

What is LFP Cathode Active Material?

Cathode Active Materials (CAM) are highly purity chemicals that distinguish the application and output of different types Lithium-ion batteries

  • Battery cell manufacturers are currently facing unprecedented demand for Lithium-ion batteries, with demand expected to grow exponentially over the next decade
  • Cathode active materials within electric batteries determine the cost, durability, safety, efficiency and overall performance of Lithium-ion batteries
  • Over the next decade two types of cathode active materials are expected to dominate the electric vehicle and renewable energy storage markets:
    • Lower priced density, LFP CAM
    • Higher energy density, NCM CAM
  • In August 2022, UBS raised its outlook for LFP share of the global battery cathode market to 40% by 2030

Investment into LFP Cathode

Surging demand for cathodes continues to spur investment into new production capacity, with 74% of all plants under construction targeting the production of LFP cathode, reflecting the direction of the market

Historical and Forecast Cathode Production