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Welcome to Avenira Limited

Avenira Limited (ASX:AEV) is a battery cathode and fertiliser focus project developer, aiming to develop the world-scale Wonarah Phosphate Project and to build Australia’s first LFP Battery Cathode Plant.

Our Value Creation Strategy

Avenira is aiming to become Asia Pacific’s first integrated Battery Cathode Plant outside of China, Taiwan and Japan


Potential for DSO Phosphate
  • Wonarah Ore validated to be suitable for high-purity TPA production
  • Historic DFS Completed, revised Mining Study and Mine Management plan close to finalisation
  • Existing mining and transportation infrastructure available

LFP Project Development

Develop TPA & LFP Projects
  • Scoping Study released
  • Strategic Partnership with Aleees
  • Advancing discussions with stakeholders
  • Advance financing discussions


Expansion Plans

Scope to expand LFP manufacturing (and corresponding TPA) capacity in phases:

  • Phase 1 – 5,000 – 10,000 tpa
  • Phase 2 – expansion to 30,000 tpa

Wonarah’s high-grade and long-life resources provides optionality to expand to other specialty materials manufacturing sectors

Our Path to LFP Production

Avenira’s Wonarah Project will supply a steady source of high-grade Phosphorous, an essential precursor for LFP Battery Cathodes and a high value input into agriculture

Current Projects

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