Novaphos (Avenira – 100% Australian Exclusive Licence)


Novaphos is a US headquartered company focussed on the development of a proprietary phosphate processing technology, called the Improved Hard Process (IHP). Avenira was early to recognise IHP as a potentially enabling technology which will significantly enhance the economics of the Company’s phosphate development projects.

The IHP process is an advanced downstream process aimed at transforming mined rock phosphate ore into high-value super phosphoric acid. When deployed commercially, the process will offer substantial cost and environmental improvements, particularly when compared to the traditional Wet-Acid process.

Highlights include:

  • Production of superphosphoric acid – a key, high value feedstock into the commercial liquid fertiliser market
  • Tolerates much lower grade and higher impurity phosphate rock input environmentally sound process, with the only by-product being a hard calcium-silicate product (called J-Rox) which can be sold into the construction industry as aggregate

Avenira holds the exclusive license rights to IHP in Australia.

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The development of the IHP Process by Novaphos is ongoing. For more information visit