The Republic of Sénégal is one of Africa’s most stable and successful democracies (IMF 2010), with a social and political environment that is well suited to international investment. It is a rapidly emerging global and regional economy, and has been successful in synthesising this economic growth with developments in infrastructure, foreign investments, and improving standards of living.

With a population of 14.6 million (2014 estimate) and GDP of US$15.5 billion (World Bank 2014), Sénégal is a growing contributor to the world phosphate market. Rock phosphate is a major export (CIA WFB 2014) and a key driver to the Sénégalese economy. Several ASX listed and other international companies continue to have success in Sénégal. In part, this success can be attributed to the governmental support of the mining industry in general and for international investment in the country. Sénégal has effective regulation in the Mining Code and the Chamber of Mines. There are numerous tax exemptions and deductions for mining operations, set up in part to incentivise investment into the mining industry. There is established infrastructure for transport and logistics, with a well-connected road network and significant port in Dakar. A qualified local workforce will allow mining operations to concurrently support the local community and operate at a globally competitive cost. All of these factors make Sénégal very well suited to phosphate mining operations and investment.